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  1. The sound is very good, no glitches at all, but it still has the general feel of a demo [it was never taken into a proper studio and mastered]. We are very proud to present to you the Time Capsule Demos. ENJOY.. Tracks: A1 1, 2 and We Out feat. J.D. Dove A2 Down Low feat. Posdnuos A3 Enuff of the Ruff Stuff. B1 Bring Back the Memories.
  2. The Chosen Few - Time Capsule: The Demos EP Tracks: A1 1, 2 and We Out feat. J.D. Dove A2 Down Low feat. Posdnuos A3 Enuff of the Ruff Stuff B1 Bring Back the Memories B2 You Know How B3 Demo Instrumental A1 & B1 produced by B- Nice a.k.a. Bestro for Altered Beast Flo Music. A2, A3 & B2 produced by Posdnuos.
  3. For me 'Wax On' is the stand out track and damn it brings back that awesome good hip hop feelin' posted a review of The Chosen Few (18) - Time Capsule - The Demos EP. over 5 years ago. Good to see Stezo get this material released on vinyl! Love every track and this EP is worth every penny.
  4. Regular EMI releases of the Birthday Card series, without the Card but with the following text (which the cards lack) at the foot of the front inlay: A Time To Remember 20 Original Chart Hits From 19xx.
  5. Use the DISCOUNT CODE (provided by the site that referred you to this page) during your checkout and receive: $10 off the software purchase.
  6. Sep 20,  · i uploaded this episode because it beings back so many memories of when trickshotting was fin now its boring its not as fun anymore.
  7. The Spray will come out of the pipe on the right, Just go run to aggro the Warden and immediatly turn around and run back to safety behind the spray after you(or a friend) turns it on. When he walks up to you, he will be hit by the spray and die. Now you can safely go .
  8. (January to December) (We'll have moments to remember) The New Year's Eve we did the town The day we tore the goal post down We will have these moments to remember.

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