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  1. May 08,  · The claim of the capitalists that free market is the guarantor of distributive justice is full of hollowness. Marx was also never satisfied with the so- called free operation of capitalism. Capitalism dehumanises the humanity or it destroys the good qualities of human beings.
  2. "A mother has been wandering from pillar to post for the past seven years seeking justice. It is the hollowness of the system that gives every right to the criminal but fails to understand the pain of that mother! Once again, the court gave a date instead of justice! #Nirbhaya," Maliwal posted on Twitter.
  3. May 24,  · Hollowness of the system gives every right to the criminal but fails to understand the pain of that mother, the DCW chief posted on Twitter after Court adjourned Nirbhaya convicts case.
  4. The Supreme Court has not upheld its dignity by imposing a fine of Re. 1 on Prashant Bhushan, a prominent lawyer and social activist. It was Prashant Bhushan’s reaction on social media pointing out the wrong tendencies prevailing in the Supreme Court that led .
  5. Jun 14,  · By Miguel A. De La Torre History/Theology, Sex/Gender/Justice June 14, The Hollowness of the Southern Baptists’ New Racism and Sexual Abuse Amendments This photo taken on February 12, shows the front page of the Houston Chronicle featuring a story on accusations of abuse in Southern Baptist churches at a gas station in Houston, Miguel A. De La Torre.
  6. Jul 19,  · It is the court scene where Shakespeare mocks and deconstructs the hollowness of justice. The justice demanded by Shylock is merciless. “I crave the law!” as Shylock says.
  7. May 22,  · Few would disagree with the assertion that genuine tolerance is a virtue. As University of Texas professor and ethics expert J. Budziszewski states, “To tolerate something is to put up with it even though we might be tempted to suppress it.”.
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