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  1. Add Thick as a Brick to that list of great rock recordings! One comment on a previous review quoted here: "The rise and eventual implosion of Jethro Tull is a classic cautionary tale of the late '60s and early '70s, replete with hype, hyperbole, bloated egos and budgets, and super-inflated delusions of /5().
  2. Thick as a Brick Lyrics: Really don't mind if you sit this one out / My word's but a whisper, your deafness a shout / I may make you feel but I can't make you think / Your sperm's in the gutter.
  3. (as) thick as a brick (as) thick as a short plank (as) thick as mince (as) thick as pea soup (as) thick as thieves (as) thick as two planks (as) thick as two short planks (as) thin as a rail (as) thin as a rake (as) thin as a stick (as) tight as a drum (as) tight as a tick (as) tight as Dick's hatband (as) tough as (old) (shoe) leather (as.
  4. In , Ian Anderson wrote and recorded the Jethro Tull Progressive Rock classic album Thick As A Brick. The lyrics were credited at the time to the fictitious child character, Gerald Bostock, whose parents supposedly lied about his age/5().
  5. Jun 22,  · Despite the differing formats, the themes of Aqualung and Thick As A Brick are essentially the same. For all its intricacy, the “theme” or poetry of Thick As A Brick Author: Ben Gerson.
  6. "Thick as a brick" is a phrase meaning stubbornly dumb, as one's head is so thick that no new thoughts can enter it.
  7. Dec 04,  · Thick As A Brick was edited and released as a single in April , a month after the album’s release. But skimming the cream from a three-quarter-hour masterwork was never going to be easy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it failed to make the charts on either side of the Atlantic.
  8. Nov 29,  · 40th Anniversary Set - CD & Audio DVD Special Collector's Edition. • CD of the new mix by Steven Wilson • DVD WITH DTS & Dolby Digital surround sound mix, high quality stereos 96/24 (new mix), Thick As A Brick original stereo mix flat transferred to 96/24 PCM from the original Morgan Studios recording by Robin Black, plus the radio ad/5().
  9. Jun 12,  · ‘Thick As A Brick’, Jethro Tull’s fifth LP, is a unique album in the rock canon. It consists of one forty-four minute track, originally split into two sides of a vinyl record with a fade-in and fade-out, for practical reasons only.

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